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  • Lagniappe


    Released: January 2, 2017
    Check out Bryon Harris's review of "Mondo Diddley" on
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    Song List

    • She Loves Her Alligator
    • Mondo Diddley
    • I'm Lone
    • Zydeco Around the World
    • Say Hey
    • Lie and Say You Love Me
    • It's True
    • All Over You
    • Ode to Gumby
    • Working' at the 409
    • Beaglebilly Blues
  • Live from the Road

    "Live from the Road"

    Released: 2010
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    "The Crawdaddies single, “Love That Natty Boh,” is a fun, up-beat song that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The song begins with a grooving intro. You will be treated to funky guitar licks, a solid walking bass line and steady kicking drums that allow you to immediately sink into the rhythm and get moving with the music. The Crawdaddies have created a feeling and by this I mean that you will feel like you are sitting at a live show, front seat in New Orleans, or any other city that swings, having a beer and having the best time of your life."

    Bryon Harris
    Indie Spoonful
    October 2016

    "Jive Time Farmer is fun, innovative, and really unique. You guys are great! Good lyrics, good narrative."

    John Francis
    Nashville, TN
    April 2012

    Song list

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    Cuttin' the Body Loose

    The Crawdaddies song "Cuttin' the Body Loose" from the new live CD was a finalist in the 2010 New Orleans Songwriters Festival Song Contest!


    • "The Crawdaddies are a group of polished, talented musicians who have joined together to create unique, phenomenal music. They draw their sound from a variety of influences including Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Ska, Roots, Rock and Reggae creating a sweet groove that is easy to move to. The members of the band include Kraig Greff, accordion, piano; Chris Huntington, vocals, guitar; Javier Rivera, vocals, washboard, acoustic guitar; Rod Gross, drums, and Dan Hones, bass, vocals. Each member has a diverse musical background adding to the full palette of The Crawdaddies sound. Kraig Greff is an Emmy Award Winner who has toured with Della Reese, Barry White, Joe Williams and Diana Ross." Bryon Harris, Indie Spoonful, October 28, 2016
    • The Crawdaddies won the GOLD Starmaker Music Award for their song 'The Difference" in February 2014 off the band's CD "Live from the Road"
    • Scope Magazine, March 12, 2014, By Jimmy Rae
    • The Alternate Root (February 22, 2013 -- click publication name to read review).
  • Keep Lookin' Up

    "Keep Lookin' Up"

    Released: 2006
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    The Crawdaddies song "Find Yourself" received Honorable Mention from the 17th Annual Billboard World Song Contest over thousands of top quality entries!

    The CD "Keep Lookin' Up" was nominated for a Wammie Award by the Washington Area Music Association, and Song "Jive Time Farmer" made it to the final rounds of the 2007 Mountain Stage New Song Contest!  Also, The Crawdaddies music video for the song "The Life of Riley" won an award at the 2007 BVA Film Festival.

    Song list

    (click on links for lyrics)

    Click below to download a free MP3 of three of the songs from this CD

    Free Man

    Jive Time Farmer

    The Life of Riley

    The Crawdaddies CD "Keep Lookin' Up" can be heard worldwide on the Roots Rock Radio Show: 
    RICHARD TAYLOR'S Roots Rock Radio
    presents the best of indie roots rock/pop, 
    alt country/Americana, blues/rockabilly, garage/punk
    , and 
    real rock & roll from around the globe.


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    This CD was originally released under the LoudDust label, but that contract has since expired and the CD is now self-distributed.

  • Spice It Up

    "Spice It Up"

    Original release 2001;
    Remastered & rereleased 2005
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    This CD was nominated for the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards (Santa Ana, California) and won "Best Cajun Album of 2006". Also, the song "Gimme Some"
    took 2nd place for "Best Cajun Song of 2006."

    In July 2007 The Crawdaddies song "Gimme Some" landed in the top 20 in the Unisong International Song Contest Category: AAA / AMERICANA

    In January, 2009, the song "Gimme Some" took aSILVER in the Mid-Atlantic Song Writing Contest.

    Song list

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    Click below to download free MP3s of two of the songs from this CD

    Gimme Some

    Swamp Music


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  • Accordions Are Cool

    "Accordions Are Cool"

    Released 1997
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    Song list

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    "Shake N' Bake"
    Shake N Bake MP3

    Reviews (Aug. '00)

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