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  • Jacki & Chip - OK

    Hello Guy's, I don't know if you remember me? You were in Woodbridge, Va in August [2008]...
    CONGRATULATION'S! on your SILVER! wish I could see you guy's sing again!...I still have the bead's ya'll gave me after you sang (don't know your name, but the singin guy is REALLY Sexy!) ha ha ha, anyway...Miss Ya! Take Care, Love, "CHEF" ...
    Have the BEST YEAR EVER!"

    Had a great time dancin' Friday night at your show in Sellersville, PA. The music was awesome.

    Peace.  Jacki and Chip

  • Scott Gordon

    The Crawdaddies were the best Zydeco we've heard outside of New Orleans. The squeeze box player really cooked. They made our party really happen.

    Scott L. Gordon

  • Randy; Leonard; Vince

    I am from Paris, TN and ran across your band playing on tv, at Henderson, KY. The show was Jubilee broadcast by KET. I got to watch about half the performance and you guys are great. I love how the band mixes so much funk, zydeco, and even reggae. The song "Gimme Some" is great and should be playing on radio stations all over.

    Keep Up The Good Work, Randy

    Had the good fortune of hearing you a few times - and bringing friends. Kraig seems a bit shy, but with a lot of talent, I think. You should "feature" him more often on the accordion - and turn up the volume!


    I saw The Crawdaddies on PBS and was hooked immediately. And then when they mixed Cajun/Zydeco with Reggae I knew I had to get their music. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to hear them live someday.


  • Jim

    Hi Guys!

    Here it is Sunday night in Oklahoma and as I was flipping through the channels, I heard some cajun music so I thought I would check it out. It was one of your outdoor concerts being replayed through Rogers State University TV, station KRSC. They just went off the air (it's midnight) and I had to jump online and find out if you were local so I could see you in person. I was disappointed when I discovered you are on the east coast but surprised that you are located in my hometown of Baltimore. I've been transplanted for almost 40 years and only get back occasionally. I thoroughly enjoyed you concert!!! You guys are awesome!!..and when I get back that way, I'll be sure to check out your schedule and catch one of your gigs. In the mean time I'll have to settle for a CD.

    Keep up vibes comin'.


  • John; Tom & Cathie - OK

    Guys, I enjoyed hearing you and then meeting some of you later. I bought the 2 CDs and played them on the way home which was over a 1 1/2 hour drive.

    Sincerely,  John 

    We just wanted to let you know how much fun we had at the festival yesterday! We have been to New Orleans a couple of times, and really love Zydeco. We bought "Spice it up", and are listening to it now. Thank you so much for a great time. We sure hope you are at Breaux next year for the 7th festival!!

    Thanks again!  Tom & Cathie

  • Terry; Bob

    I saw you guys for the first time tonite at moms in the kitchen in little ole prince frederick the group plays some banging music i cant hardly wait to see ya again thanks for comming to our little world out of the way


    Hi Guys,

    Name here is Bob from Chesapeake City. Caught your act at the Inner Harbor yesterday. Excellent. Loved the Sittin in Ya Ya zydeco treatment. I play the Irish whistles. Anyway, great job. I have to have a party and have you guys play. I also would like CDs. You guys are a lot of fun. Very best regards,


  • puck

    just a quick note...

    i just went to your website to see how ya'll were doing... and yeah, it's been about a year since i checked it out... yikes... i clicked through amazon to buy spice it up - i hope you get the credit... and for fun i clicked on the download/listen on your website... well wow.

    hope alls well with you... i checked out your show listings, i'll see if i can rally some peeps and come out for some good times soon... you know what would rawk???? if you played new orleans around holloween! my best friend and i are going for our birthdays... and you'll be halfway there on the 26th... pwetty pwease? hahaha...

    talk to you soon!


  • Lois and Ed; Ken

    Loved your show at the Sellersville Theater on Friday, June 22. It was so much fun, my husband and I are still talking about it. I know you are a "stand up" group of guys.... Hey, who knew The Last Train To Clarksville could be such a cool song? ...

    Best of Luck, Lois and Ed

    Thanks, but the thanks goes to you guys - We live in Greensboro, NC and saw you at the Lexington Barbecue Festival, have all your CD's and have bought them as gifts for friends. You all just bring joy to our life AND YOU ARE FUN!!!! Keep it up and the best of luck to all of you

    Ken, your NC friend

  • Chip - OK

    I've seen a fan of The Crawdaddies for the past 12 years. My first time to hear you was back in the Jay Corey days. I've seen you many times in VA and MD. I have all of your CD's and have never been so impressed by any one band as I have with the Crawdaddies !!!
    Your music is on my computer and in my truck. It is so addictive. All of my friends in Illinois and down here in DFW ( Texas )....have copied my cd's !! Bands at the Chicago Blues Festival have stopped me to ask who I was listening to.... you guys rock !!
    Anyway, ..... your style would be so appreciated here !! You guys are quality music and awesome show.

    Fan for life, Chip

  • Clare; Lee - OK

    Hi Crawdaddies, Just wanted to say what a nice surprise you all were last Saturday night. We thought we were in for a night of Dr. John and Nevilles but when we showed up there was a different band extra band. You all rocked and you now have four new fans ! Thanks for the fun time.

    xo  Clare

    Always enjoy seeing ur group @ the vineyard, was a foot-stomping good time!!

    We saw you in Rockville at Hometown Holidays. We really enjoyed your music. We bought both of your CDs. We recently vacationed in New Orleans and your music brought back a lot of great memories.


  • No name (3) - OK

    Caught your show at the Fairfax Fall Festival. You were GREAT!! Felt like New Orleans all over again.... Had a ball and hope to catch your act again, SOON. Where can I get your CD? Again thanks for making the day fun. :)

    saw you at the heritage fair, great job really liked what we heard. will try to make it to white marsh at the avenue.

    I really enjoyed your music when you were at the heritage fair. It was the first time I heard that kind of music and I really liked it. I hope I can get the chance to come to see you guys at The Avenue at White Marsh.
  • Melanie; Mandi

    My sister, formerly of Baltimore, currently of Chicago, says you are wonderful. I love zydeco/cajun music and was wondering if you will be in the midwest in the coming months and if you can give me an estimate of your costs. I have a local pub who is interested in having you play, but you may be out of our league. Even so, if you are in the midwest, both Melissa and I would love to see you.

    Thanks--  Melanie

    I have listened to you guys since I saw you guys at the Dundalk Heritage Fair a couple of years ago and I could not get enough. I make it a point to go when you guys are going to be there I also try to catch you guys at white marsh when you guys are there. I have all three of your cds I bought your 3rd one today during your show. Once again you guys were great, I have gotten my whole family starting to listen and I have a few friends listening too.


  • Washboard Mom; Ken

    My 5 year old has been a big fan of yours since we first heard you 2 summers ago (?) in Frederick. Then we went to the Maryland wine fest to catch you in September 2000 and to White Marsh-the Avenue last year. (Philip was the one who requested shake 'n bake)

    We did not catch you this summer, and we're wishing we did. Listening to the CD over and over, Philip has his guitar and has been lip-syncing every song. Outside of potato chips and chocolate milk, you're the best thing in his day!

    Washboard Mom

    Hi guys - I saw you all on public TV a few months ago, got your CD's, listen to them ALL the time and love it. I'd love to see you live but live in NC. Today I saw on your site that you will be in Lexington, NC on Oct. 21 at the Barbecue Festival and it MADE MY DAY (I live in Greensboro which is about 40 miles away). I'm going to talk it up to my friends and so look forward to it. Thanks for your music.


  • Kjell; BRTO Radio, Holland; Marsha

    Hi, I`m a danish radio DJ/host who plays blues, zydeco swing, boogie and soul on tuesdays, do you have anything we can use in our show?

    Kjell, RADIO HOLSTEBRO, Denmark

    Thanks for sending me your CD. Great stuff for my program.

    Greetings from, BRTO Radio, Holland

    Dear Crawdaddies, I really like your music and your band is awesome. Could you add a few tunes to your repertoire- maybe "Fireball 100" or "Kimmie Move Down A Little"? Ask Chris, he knows them.

    Love from Marsha, from Vermont

  • Yosi and the Superdads; Toni; Raj

    Woohoo!! WTG, Crawdads!

    Best, Yosi and the Superdads

    Saw your show at The House of Blues last night and thought you were absolutely tremendous!! Really enjoyed your music! ...

    Thanks!  Toni

    How nice to have met you at Vintage VA, yall put on one helluva show! Hope to catch you guys somewhere down the road!


  • Abby and Dennis; Gary

    Thank you so much for making our wedding reception a unique event. You did a fantastic job with the announcing and your flexibility with your breaks and incorporating our "plans" into the evening made everything perfect. Your eclectic music made our reception stand out and we have gotten many compliments about our band choice, including that that was the best music ever heard at a wedding reception. Great job, as always, and we'll see you around at your shows!

    Abby and Dennis

    Caught your show @ DVCC market square and WOW!!!! I love the sounds and I don't often hear that this far north, keep up the great work and I hope to catch you cat's again soon, special hello & thanks to Kenny Jones. Rock on and Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! !!!


  • Dianna; Darlene and Rickey; Kim

    I just saw you guys perform for the first time at the Inner Harbor the other night. I love the beads. what a great touch! You guys are so awesome! I loved the music. I can't wait to see you guys perform again.


    My husband and I caught yall in Baltimore this past Saturday night. What a great show. Listened to your CD's on the way home to VA the next day. Hope to see you again. Will watch your schedule online.

    Darlene and Rickey

    Caught your act in Rockville this Sunday. You were great. Felt like New Orleans all over again.

    Thanks again for making a dreary weather weekend into a great time.


  • amy and steve; John and Anna; Jim

    We just came back from your show at Clipper magazine stadium (Lancaster PA)....what an awesome show and we will be looking forward to seeing you all again!

    Amy and Steve

    Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show at the Avenue in White Marsh a couple of weeks ago. Looking foward to seeing you again!

    John and Anna

    Hi Guys! Caught your show Sunday night at Musikfest while working the soda stand there with my daughter. I was captivated! A truly original sound! Your latest album now resides on my iPod, where I can listen to it over and over again. Come back next year!!!


  • Jacki & Chip 2; Prudence

    We saw you guys in 2005 at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA for the first time and I didn't know that I liked the music you guys played so much until that day. Actually, I never heard it before. But it was great! I bought a few CDs. We found you guys were coming back in 2006 for Musikfest and we went out to see you guys again with a few friends. Guaranteed fun! You guys were a blast! Hope you reconsider for another Musicfest year!

    Had a great time dancin' Friday night at your show in Sellersville, PA. I am just now moving around after doing rehab for a badly broken ankle. Altho I had to sit out a couple songs, we were the first ones out on the dance floor, and the last ones to leave. The music was awesome.

    Jacki and Chip

    My girlfriend and I caught your show for the first time in BelAir. You guys R-O-C-K! I wanted to catch you again at the Cat's Eye Pub last night but just couldn't make it. I must get to Belvedere Square and will be there for sure. The bass player is so HOT!


  • Bob: Thom & & Fay

    Hi Guys,

    Name here is Bob from Chesapeake City. Caught your act at the Inner Harbor yesterday. Excellent. Loved the Sittin in Ya Ya zydeco treatment. I play the Irish whistles. Anyway, great job. I have to have a party and have you guys play. I also would like CDs. You guys are a lot of fun. Very best regards,


    My wife and I caught your show last night on the was great. Here are a few images I took. Hope you like them. Will be seeing you guys again soon..........once again, the music was great......thanks.

    Thom & Fay

  • Lauren; Emily - OK

    Got a lot of good feedback on your event! You guys were fantastic!!! Was wondering if we could do a repeat.

    Talk with you soon.  Lauren

     just saw you guys at the Cat's Eye, but live in Minneapolis. I'd like to know if you're even in my neck of the woods again, so I'll watch for your email schedule. Could you post a schedule of your touring events (colleges, festivals, etc) on the website? I'm from Mississippi, and I see you've been there too. I'll try to catch you wherever -- really enjoyed the shows!!!


    I just wanted to say that you were very good tonight at the avenue at white marsh. I had a fun time

  • Mary and John

    Hello from Carlisle Pa

    we saw your show at Beth music Fest, it was the Best time of our Life when we saw your Performance we LOVED IT, so Professional, my husband plays multi instruments since the 60's and in Bands, but became a Architect, he said All the Musician's in the Group were Awesome, But he did say the Lead singer made Elvis LOOK like a Amateur

    were bring our Son to See you at BethFest /Sunday it is his Birthday Gift, one he will never Forget. Thank You, Keeping you in Our Prayers

    Mary and John

    this comment is for tim. tim, you really rocked the inner harbor today. that was one of the best performances ever. nobody plays the drums better than you. i hope that you and the rest of the band can come back to the inner harbor for another jam session. bring some ahead drumsticks next time.

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